Vapefest, The longest running Convention Focusing on  Research & Advocacy In The Industry.

Come see the latest mods from all over the country! Vapefest will feature a section dedicated solely to Mod Makers and hardware manufacturers.

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Come join in the fun with our end-of-summer blast on the beach!! Make new friends, make new memories and join the Vapefest Family!

Smokers Welcome!

Must be 18+ to enter!!

Vapefest is the LONGEST running vape meet in the country. We are NOT an expo! We are a community oriented vape meet focused on having fun, meeting new vapers, helping smokers make the switch and learning about "What's New" in the industry. Vapefest is a one-of-a-kind event that is enjoyed by thousands of vapers every year. We understand you have a choice when it comes to events and we hope you will make Vapefest your destination vape event!

Whether you have been to a large expo or just a small town meet, Vapefest is for you! Try something new and have fun in the sun! Come join us for a fun-filled event!

Vegas Vapefest 2016 will be held once again at the fabulous Flamingo Hotel - in the heart of the Vegas strip. National Vapers Club has secured special discount prices for the event.

Take advantage of these special rates and get your room now! (the code is "SFNVC6") The Flamingo GO Pool is the place to be for sizzling fun in the middle of winter! Plus, Wastin’ away has never been more fun than at this cheerful Las Vegas bar at the heart of the Margaritaville Casino at the Flamingo Las Vegas. The hotel and casino's Wildlife Habitat is one of the most unique and best-loved free things to do in Las Vegas. Plus, enjoy easy access to Vegas' best casinos, attractions, shows and nightlife.

(From left to right) Mary Bielaska (Moderator), Joe Barnett (Vaping Militia), Stefan Didak (Not Blowing Smoke), Gregory Conley (American Vaping Association), Sean Gore (OVAL), Cheryl Richter (National Vapers Club), Tim McAuley (, Michael Mullins (SFATA)

Support Research & Advocacy!
Vapefest is a fund raising event to help fight bans all over the country
and to fund e-cigarette research. Our advocates are a wealth of
information for those vapers and vendors that wish to know how to get
involved. We are also currently raising funds for the BEARS study
(Bystander Exposure Assessment Research Study) the first study of its kind
that will assess the migration path of the vapor to various areas in a
multi-dwelling building. For more information,click here

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