March 12-13, 2010

Links to Pictures

For any who are interested, here are some pic "feeds" from VapeFest:

Tauki's Pics:




April's Pics:


ELP Vapefest photos - Vapers Forum
ELP Vapefest photos - Vapers Forum

Rexa's Pics:

Olegna's Mind-Altering Pics:

Queen's Pics:

Links to Videos

GrimmGreens's Trip to Vapefest

MaliceDolls Video

TrueLove's video from vapefest

Vaporhead's video of vapefest

arbourists video from vapefest

Rockbassray's crazy trip to AC on the way to vapefest and then vapefest

The hotel for the last vapefest was the Hilton Garden Inn Fredericksburg.

1060 Hospitality Lane, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA 22401
Tel: 1-540-548-8822  Fax: 1-540-548-8820 

Sponsored By:

If you are interested in sponsoring Vapefest 2010... you may set up a table for a $50 donation and sell items or just promote/demo new products. You MUST make a donation to sell product at Vapefest since this is a free event for consumers. If you prefer not to make a cash donation... you may donate $80 worth of vaping supplies which will be auctioned off, but then you would not get a banner posted above since the banner is not posted until payment is made (unless you mail the supplies... then the banner would be posted upon receipt).